One Word Substitution

In English Language, One word is used for more than one words, sentense or phrase are called One Word Substitution. See the List of examples given below.

PhraseOne Word
A book of names and addressesDirectory
A fear of confined spacesClaustrophobia
A land fit for growing cropsArable
A light sailing boat built specially for racingYacht
A loud talk or speechHarangue
A man who pays too much attention to his clothes and personal appearanceDandy
A number of shipsFleet
A paper written in one’s own handwritingManuscript
A perception without objective realityHallucination
A person extremely desirous of moneyAvaricious
A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn skillsApprentice
A person who deliberately sets fire to buildingArsonist
A person who has had one or more limbs removedAmputee
A person who is very selective, disgusted easily, and is hard to pleaseFastidious
A person who knows may foreign languagesPolyglot
A person who looks for bright side of thingsPolyglot
A person working in same place with anotherColleague
A raised passageway in a buildingWalkway
A record of historical eventsArchives
A recurrent compulsive urge to stealKleptomania
A reserve for animals ,birds etc in their natural habitatSanctuary
A sea abounding in islandsArchipelago
A song sung at a burialDirge
A song sung at the death of a personElegy
A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different wordsTautology
A story having in end death or murderTragedy
Able to use Both Left and right handAmbidextrous
According to one’s own willVoluntarily
Act of injuring another’s reputation by any slanderous communicationDefamation
An animal story with a moralFable
An error or misprint in printing or writingErratum
Art of making fireworksPyrotechnics
Boundary of an areaPeriphery
Conferred as an honorHonorary
Country behind the coast or river’banksHinterland
Cure for all diseasesPanacea
Dabbler in arts, science or literatureConnoisseur
Existing and knownExtant
Fear Of HeightAcrophobia
Pretended AttackFeint
First speech of lifeMaiden
Foreigner who settles in a countryImmigrant
Looking in one’s own mindIntrospection
Loss of memoryFlounder
Make Pale by excluding lightEtiolate
Mania for balkingLogomania
Mania for stealing articlesKleptomania
Mania for travelDromomania
Medical Study of skin and its diseasesDermatology
Murder of a kingRegicide
Murder of brotherFratricide
Murder of fatherPatricide
Named group of fixed starsConstellation
No longer in existence or useObsolete
Not Suitable for EatingInedible
Occurring at irregular intervals in timeSporadic
One who can not be correctedIncorrigible
one who does not believe in existence of GodAtheist
One who hates mankindMisanthropist
One who is known but usually unfavorably isNotorious
one who know many LanguagesPolyglot
One who plays a game for pleasure not professionallyAmateur
One who sacrifices his life for a causeMartyr
Opinion contrary to accepted doctrinesHeresy
Person who has no money to pay depts.Insolvent
Place where bricks are bakedKiln
Policeman riding on motorcycles as quards to a VIPOutriders
Ridiculous use of wordsMalapropism
Rub or wipe outEfface
Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgementArbitrator
Something that causes deathFatal
Speaking too much on oneselfEgoism
State in which the few govern the manyOligarchy
Study of ancient civilizationsArchaeology
That can be heardAudible
That which can not be effacedIndelible
The animals of particular regionFauna
The area of medicines that cares diseases of BonesOrthopedics
The Burial of a corpseInterment
The loop of rope with a running knot used to hang a personNoose
The period between two reignsInterregnum
Things to be discussed at time of meetingAgenda
Time Between Midnight and noonAnte Meridian
To confirm with the help of evidenceCorroborate
To destroy completelyAnnihilate
To die without making a willIntestate
To free someone from all blamesExonerate
Too willing to obey other peopleSubservient
Unpaid work for Red CrossHonorary
Which can not be avoidedInevitable
Which is perceptible by touch isTangible
Who can not speakDumb
Who does not make mistakesInfallible
Who eats everythingOmnivorous
Who hates womenMisogynist
Who is concerned with welfare of othersAltruist
Who knows everythingOmniscient
Who loves mankindPhilanthropist
Without InvitationIntruder
Word for word reproductionVerbatim
Words of opposite meaningAntonyms
Words of similar meaningSynonyms

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One Word Substitution in English

What is One Word Substitution in English Grammar? Anek shabdon ke liye ek shabd in English. Above get the List of One Word Substitution for words and meaning.

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