Similar meaning words used for any specific word are called Synonym. In Other words, A word that means nearly same as another word in the same language are called Synonyms.
Example : [ Beautiful ] - Lovely, Attractive, Pretty, Gorgeous, Dazzling.

List of Synonyms

AvoidIgnore, Shun, Circumvent, Go Around
ConfirmationAcknowledgement, Proof
MazeComplexity, Labyrinth
NiceAffable, Benign
PacifyAppease, Placate
SlightDelicate, Slender
DisdainfulImperious, Haughty, Pretentious, Arrogant
IgnoreShun, Circumvent, Go Around, Avoid
DaringFearless, Bold
ConstantLasting, Durable
AllianceBand, Federation
CopyReflect, Imitate
ComplexityLabyrinth, Maze
BeginnerNonprofessional, Novice
AngerRange, Furor, Offend
SourBitter, Acrid
MixMerge, Fuse, Blend, Combine
IntelligentObservant, Brilliant, Clever
NaturalCasual, Informal
RevealSpread, Broadcast, Disclose, Announce
KeenImpatient, Anxious, Eager, Earnest
ProminentNoble, Aristocratic, Illustrious, Famous, Eminent, Distinguished
InduceEncourage, Foster
ProceedLead, Direct
ThinLean, Slim
PlacatePacify, Appease
DurationTerm, Cycle
DesertAbandon, Discard, Vacate, Leave
TrendBias, Inclination, Predisposition, Tendency
FundamentalCultured, Learned, Mandatory, Requisite, Essential, Basic, Necessary, Radical

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