Similar meaning words used for any specific word are called Synonym. In Other words, A word that means nearly same as another word in the same language are called Synonyms.
Example : [ Beautiful ] - Lovely, Attractive, Pretty, Gorgeous, Dazzling.

List of Synonyms

AccordAgree, Grant, Correspond, Match, Donation, Contribution
AtrociousAppalling, Detestable
BarrenDesolate, Sterile
BoldDaring, Fearless
CherishEsteem, Love
FeebleHelpless, Infirm
HarshHard, Coarse
LabelBrand, Classify, Rank, Arrange
ConfoundOverwhelm, Perplex, Baffle, Confuse, Deceive, Fool, Betray, Astonish
HappinessJoy, Bliss
HonestTruthful, Impartial, Impersonal, Ingenuous, Candid
FosterInduce, Encourage
DuplicityFalseness, Hypocrisy
CopyReflect, Imitate
ComplexityLabyrinth, Maze
AspectCharacter, Temper, Mood, Nature
PlainBanal, Common
JoyBliss, Happiness
GiftBonus, Award
PlanConceive, Design, Budget, Allot
KeenImpatient, Anxious, Eager, Earnest
MerryJovial, Genial
IrritateBother, Harass, Disturb, Persecute, Afflict, Aggravate, Annoy, Infuriate
NegateRefute, Contradict, Deny, Oppose
DesignBudget, Allot, Plan, Conceive
GreedCraving, Desire, Longing, Avarice
FurorOffend, Anger, Range
EvaluateEstimate, Guess, Predict, Judge, Referee, Appraise

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