Similar meaning words used for any specific word are called Synonym. In Other words, A word that means nearly same as another word in the same language are called Synonyms.
Example : [ Beautiful ] - Lovely, Attractive, Pretty, Gorgeous, Dazzling.

List of Synonyms

BrilliantClever, Intelligent, Observant
MemorialCommemoration, Monument
TumultAgitation, Commotion
VarietyAssortment, Diversify
AnnoyInfuriate, Irritate, Bother, Harass, Disturb, Persecute, Afflict, Aggravate
CommonPlain, Banal
HappinessJoy, Bliss
EsteemLove, Cherish
CelebrateHonor, Commemorate
FilledPacked, Dense
DepleteEmpty, Exhaust
AngryOutraged, Mad, Irate, Insane, Furious
GoalPerfection, Ideal
AspectCharacter, Temper, Mood, Nature
AngerRange, Furor, Offend
CycleDuration, Term
BoastfulInflated, Vain
AuthenticateSubstantiate, Verify
RichAffluent, Plentiful
GiftBonus, Award
StopBreak, Pause, Cease, Desist
EmptyExhaust, Deplete
CoarseHarsh, Hard
ShameHumiliate, Humble
RamblingIllogical, In Congruent
ImportantSignificant, Distinctive
SpreadBroadcast, Disclose, Announce, Reveal
RangeFuror, Offend, Anger
BroadcastDisclose, Announce, Reveal, Spread

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