Similar meaning words used for any specific word are called Synonym. In Other words, A word that means nearly same as another word in the same language are called Synonyms.
Example : [ Beautiful ] - Lovely, Attractive, Pretty, Gorgeous, Dazzling.

List of Synonyms

ContradictDeny, Oppose, Negate, Refute
DareChallenge, Defy
JuvenileAdolescent, Immature
LeanSlim, Thin
LimitationBoundary, Constraint
NatureAspect, Character, Temper, Mood
SpontaneousImpromptu, Unplanned
DifficultyMisfortune, Adversity
ConfoundOverwhelm, Perplex, Baffle, Confuse, Deceive, Fool, Betray, Astonish
ConciseShort, Brief
EmbellishEnhance, Elaborate
GoalPerfection, Ideal
DetachQuarantine, Isolate
BrandClassify, Rank, Arrange, Label
ContainerRepository, Receptacle
IntelligentObservant, Brilliant, Clever
ImitationCaricature, Cartoon
SelectDesignate, Name
BandFederation, Alliance
UnintelligentIgnorant, Stupid
UnderstandableLucid, Clear
ProtestObjection, Disapproval
ImportantSignificant, Distinctive
LeaveDesert, Abandon, Discard, Vacate
AvariceGreed, Craving, Desire, Longing
AbateDiminish, Reduce, Dwindle
NimbleBrisk, Fast, Swift, Fleet
GraspDetain, Hold, Keep, Grab
DonationContribution, Accord, Agree, Grant, Correspond, Match

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